Monday, October 10, 2005

Going on a trip -- be back soon!

Yuki, Jesse, and I are packing up. Well...actually...I am the only one doing the packing; they are laying around watching me, and that is just fine.

We will spend a night or two in Northern Arizona, then on towards Monterey and another go at finishing my portfolio. We are looking forward to seeing the ocean again.

Tonight, Yuki and I walked in the Nature Park to the accompaniment of coyote song and a sunset sky ranging from orange-y yellow to deep cobalt blue. A lone bat did flip-flops over my head. The outline of the Tucson mountains to the west and the Catalinas to the north was crisp and clear. We saw Sophie, the little Jack Russell terrier, with her human companion. They were heading home. "It's nippy", she said. It was cool(er) at about 70-something degrees farenheit, but because I spent the past two years in Monterey, it didn't 'nip' me.

I'll be back soon--in cyber space, that is. A new journey is beginning for me. We leave on the first day of Yom Kippur, Day of At-One-ment.


Akshay said...

hope you have an eventful and fun trip

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, Have you arrived in Montery yet. Rewady to meet at Cafe Noir for drawing? Are you OK?
Kathy Whilden

Nicole said...

Hello, Akshay. yes, i've had a really wonderful trip so far. I arrived in Monterey last Tuesday night.

Kathy: We've seen each other already and talked, so-o-o.... see you again when i see you. I will "blog" about my trip soon. Stay tuned :)