Sunday, February 19, 2006

At Asilomar with Yuki

I took Yuki to Asilomar beach this morning. We walked on the sand watching the greenish-blue water. Actually, I don't know if Yuki watches the water or not, but I do. I think he's mostly interested in sniffing those huge mounds of tangled seaweed, just like every dog who runs on the beach. My eyes scan the horizon, watch clouds, catch silvery glints of sunlight on shells. I thought about how to paint the clouds: what I'd do, which colors I'd lay down first. And Yuki, he continues sniffing, fully absorbed; sniffing and trotting, using his selective hearing when I call him, then zooming past me in high gallop smiling, both of us smiling.
The waves were big and choppy, so not many surfers out. I confirmed the choppiness of the surf with a man laying on the beach in his wetsuit. He looked a bit like a beached seal sunning himself, covered with sand, and pudgy in his black and purple rubber wetsuit. Little baby birds with long, thin curved beaks scurried in the low tide trailing after their parents. The babies' feathers are primarily white and lighter shades of tan; the adults have more tan, brown, and grey feathers on their bodies and their beaks are longer and curvier. That was our walk at the ocean today.

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