Friday, November 03, 2006

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Today I am typing with both hand/arms without any pain for the first time since September 22nd--when I fell off my bicycle. The othopedic doctor I've been seeing says my thin little arm/bones are healing more rapidly than some "big men" she sees with similar radial head injuries. I was hapPy to hear that for a few reasons. The first being that she told me I now had to be careful: "at your age you are losing estrogen." That was a weird thing to hear since a lot of people usually think I am in my 20s or 30s, never in my 40s. I tend not to believe in the traditional age correspondances anyway; they usually don't correspond to the way I live my life. Though research findings may show lower levels of estrogen and loss of bone density in "middle aged" women as they age, other factors ought to be considered when typing someone by her age. For example, I am flexible in my body, physically active and limber, and the foods I eat sustain my healthy body. I eat a lot of tofu, miso, seaweeds, legumes, whole grains, green vegetables, and tea. A little dark chocolate now and then helps, too. The second reason my rapid healing progress makes me happy is that it may have to do with the schedule of homeopathic remedies that I have been taking (prescribed by a homeopathist) for mending and strengthening of broken bones, specifically: Arnica, Bellis P., more Arnica in lower dosage, Symphytum, and Calc. Phos. The third reason is that I am right-hand dominant. I do a lot with my right hand (art, writing, cooking, etc.) and need to have my right arm to ride my bicycle. I still cannot press down with much weight on my right arm or lift anything heavy, so I will have to wait a bit more to get back on my bicycle. But soon!

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