Thursday, June 28, 2007

teapots 47, 48, 49 & 50 plus summer thrills

One of my favorite geeky computer things to do is to compare and contrast the summer temperatures here in Tucson to those of Monterey, where I lived from July 2003-May 2005 and then again from October 2005-May 2006 (as well as from 1988-1990).

On my desktop, I have two temperature widgets for comparison that show sun, cloud, snow, rain, and fog icons with the temperature in numbers underneath. I usually keep the widgets on farenheit, but take a look at the celsius temperatures now and then for fun.

Right now, my Tucson widget tells me it is 99° at 9pm with the almost full moon visible in a clear dark sky. Meanwhile, in Monterey, there are clouds or fog (can't tell from the widget which it is--maybe both!) and the temperature is 69°!

Who knows why I enjoy doing this as much as I do, but I do. It makes me smile and laugh. Maybe it's heat delirium.

The six-day forecast in the Tucson widget shows six bright yellow sun icons for each of the next five days (plus today) with the temperatures of 108°, 106°, 107°, 109°, 108°, and 108° through Tuesday. In contrast, the Monterey widget shows a sun icon with a cloud on top of it for four out of the six days with temperatures of 86°, 74°, 77°, 73°, 75°, and 74°.

Of course, I don't need to see the Tucson widget at all to know when it is bright and hot outside. My body senses the heat. The heat changes my appetite. I eat less in the morning, almost nothing in the day, drink mostly water and tea until late afternoon when I finally feel a little hungry for a salad or a bowl of beans & rice. At night, I eat very little or nothing and I am up at dawn. It feels cool now in the dark of night. I sip water and listen to Yuki panting.


kathy whilden said...

It's way too hot today in Monterey, It's 78 degrees in my living room.

Nicole Raisin Stern said...

It's 85 in mine and that's with the shutters closed and the swamp cooler on. 105 outside at 5:30pm, so feels cool in here! ~nicole