Wednesday, November 21, 2007

book transformation

Here's a handmade book that originated with the "post & bind" project at the UA Poetry Center's housewarming event in October. I added a few cut-out pictures from an old book with Chinese beautiful objects that was recently given to me, which I glued atop marigold color tissue paper. Voilà, a book that has been touched and transformed by many hands.

The sewn pages of the book are printed with random lines from poems and pieces of writings from the Poetry Center's post & bind project. At the event, we picked twelve pages which the binders inserted between plain, uncovered davy board. They drilled holes into the pages, folded them into signatures and then sewed them together before gluing them into the davy board covers and binding with linen tape. I intend to use the book as a sketch book, taking it into a further transformation.

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kathy whilden said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nicole.