Sunday, January 24, 2010


My mandala... heals me.

Creating circles and mandalas is a self-healing practice. It is one way to literally draw yourself into being, to feel that we have our place in the cosmos amongst the other living beings and things.

I often come to the circle drawing empty, not sure where to begin, sometimes feeling burdened by thoughts. I enter the circle and let it draw me in... I leave feeling whole again and healed.

Mandalas are found in nature and in the nourishment we dish into our bowls, cups, and plates. Look around and you will see that mandalas abound. We live on a living breathing mandala! Caring for our planet Earth through the cultivation of gardens and plants is another way to draw yourself into the mandala ~ the circle of life.


Here are a few mandalas in my Mandala Set on flickr.