Thursday, November 10, 2005

*Our new vihara*

This is one of our new neighbors checking us out this morning in front of my friend Kathy's place, our new abode in Monterey. It's a suitable space for Yuki and Jesse, as well as being a supportive environment for me to finish my MATESOL portfolio.
Last night while walking with Yuki in the neighborhood, we met one of our wilder neighbors, a deer with antlers.

This beautiful orange apple persimmon was a gift from a friend I met recently who lives in her home on wheels by the sea. I gave her an avocado.

* * * * * *

** vihara is Sanskrit for 'abode' **


Anonymous said...

I love the persimmon picture.


Such beautiful photographs! :) Are you all settled in for the immediate future, or whalking about? My own blog is now functioning, I had to find a compatible browser first before my uploads would show up onscreen. LOve and hugs.

Nicole said...

Thanks Blue Butterfly and Kathy!