Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday evening

Recently, I've been uploading much more to my Flickr pages and not as much here on turtlevision. Besides being a fun, international forum for giving and receiving feedback, flickr is a convenient place to archive my photos and artwork.

After a couple of weeks living in one of Kathy's upstairs guest rooms, Yuki, Jesse, & I moved into our basement room. New carpet was laid, the walls got a new coat of off-white paint, shelves were made for the closet in my room, I altered new curtains for the windows, put up noren (Japanese curtains), and brought in a new mattress. The room has now been Nicolized (as a friend calls it) for that Japanese-y ambience that is created wherever I live.

Jesse poised at the entry/exit to my room.

Kathy's kitchen.

The vase place in Kathy's kitchen.

Rooftops as seen from one of the balconies in Kathy's house.

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