Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Crash wham bam plop

My iBook crashed. I'll know in a day or two if the data can be pulled off the hard drive. Now I have to decide, do I replace the logic board as was suggested by the Apple dealer, or do I get a whole new iBook? Either way, I'd have to use credit...just more debt to add to the debt that I'm already indebted for. As my friend Kathy, said, "it's endless." What is "it"? Everything!
We have to brush our teeth every morning, wash ourselves everyday, clean up over and over, make food everyday...that's just how things are. So, I may lose some data (but the technician may be able to save it). The really important things I cannot lose: all the people, beings, and nature I love, the big sky, breathing in and out, smiling and laughing, and enjoying this very moment. Really, I am indebted to the whole world for my very existence--and that makes me smile.

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