Tuesday, May 23, 2006

teapots 56, 57, 58, & 59

I painted teapot 59 this morning entirely with my left hand and without my glasses--even the writing! First I wrote with a Conté pierre noire drawing pencil, followed by a watercolor brush pen. As I give myself more opportunities to practice writing, drawing, and seeing with my non-dominant left-hand, I develop better motor control and balance. Writing/drawing left-handed doesn't feel as difficult anymore. And, drawing without my specs allows my myopic eyes a chance to see at close range in their "natural" environment.

teapot no. 58

teapot no. 57

teapot no. 56

Check out my growing set of 100 teapots.

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Spirit said...

hi nicole....i am flattered! thank you! I wonder if you recd my handmade paper business cards, which i sent soon after meeting you. I then promptly forgot about that till this am when I happened upon your website add that you left me. When you return to Mendo, do let me know....I'd love to meet w/you again. Spirit

if you sent anything to MAC for me, as you mentioned, I never got it. Should I go looking for it?