Friday, June 09, 2006

Buddha head

Here's the story:

Today I thought it was Saturday all day until my neighbor Carol came home and I told her the story of the buddha head. I went out this morning (thinking it is Saturday morning) to go "yard sailing". I wanted to find a few items for my place. Oddly, I only saw two yard sales. At the second sale, I greeted the three women and started looking around. I recognized one of the women as a former barrista at Bentley's Coffee House, a favorite local hangout. Soon she brought out some sage and asked if she could smudge me. I smiled. Definitely a Tucson thing--smudging. With the scent of sweet sage around me, I found several items I could use: a purple wooden desk, a blue wooden chest of drawers, and a funky old floor lamp. On the purple desk were two turtles, one a carved piece of onyx and the other a little ceramic turtle that looked familiar to me. Sure enough, i turned over the familiar looking turtle to see my name and the date (2001) inscribed on the turtle's belly in my clay signature--a piece of my former life as a pottery instructor. I told Shankara (whose sale it was) that I made the turtle. She said, "then we have met; you are Nicole from the Zen rock garden." Shankara is moving to Albuquerque, hence the need to let go of things; I am creating my home space again and in need of some things. Back to the Buddha head. Shankara reminded me that we had met in the Zen rock garden and that I had told her to take whatever she wanted and to leave whatever she wanted--this was an integral part of the Zen rock garden art installation. One of the items she took, and that was in her front yard along with the familiar looking turtle, was this clay Buddha head I had made (by carving a mold). Sometimes things return. Sometimes they don't. So, I snapped this photo of the Buddha head that made a reappearance. I left it in Shankara's garden. Maybe she'll bring it to Albuquerque; maybe she won't....
How I found out it was Friday today and not Saturday, is that I expressed to Carol my surprise that I found only two yard sales. "That's because it's Friday," she said.

Want to know more about the Zen rock garden/art happening? Read my July 28th, 2005 blog entry.

Ciao, amici.

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Danielle said...

Great stories, Nicole! And the Zen rock garden was such a fabulous inspiration! I remember reading about it last year. I am happy that some of your things are coming back into your world!