Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Desert-y photos & Blog Anniversary

One year ago I began blogging, thanks to seeing the blogs of my MIIS MATESOL classmates, Yuki and Jeff. At first I was shy about this whole thing--being revealed on the internet--but have come to enjoy the friendly interaction and community I've met, especially on Flickr.com. And, the uses for CALL (computer assisted language learning) are endless. I, myself, have experienced a great leap in my French, Spanish, and Japanese language by communicating in writing with my friends on Flickr who use Japanese, French, and Spanish. In addition, one can read the native speakers' comments (on Flickr) and learn from this written, yet casual language usage on the blogosphere. Viva flickr, Viva blogger.com!


Pierre Turlur said...

Thank you for these wonderful pictures.

Kuma san

Nicole said...

どういたしまして, Kuma-san!
You're welcome--and welcome home