Monday, October 02, 2006

teapots no. 99 & 100

Teapot 100 was made on a piece of "magic" paper on which you draw with a brush dipped into clear water. While the brush strokes are wet, the image appears; when the strokes dry, the image disappears. Anicca--Pali for impermanence. Everything changes.

teapot (group) no. 99: these teapots were the models for most of the set of 100 teapots, the rest came out of my imagination.


Anonymous said...

wow I am impressed. I hope you can have a show with all 100 pictures.

Nicole said...

Kathy, you got me started on the 100 teapots! :)
A show--maybe after the arm heals. it's in a cast at the moment (fractured radial head) and i have taken up left-handed chopsticks eating.