Monday, December 18, 2006

More on Yuki

Hello from Yukiland, where I've been for the past 10 days. Yuki voluntarily moved out of his orange healing tent with the lavendar towel (I'm told dogs don't see colors, though). Yuki seems to be feeling much, much better. He lifts his head on occasion and smiles. My friends/neighbors Estelle & Joe gave us some cooked liver that Yuki really liked. We went for a short walk yesterday, down the easement road and almost one full block before he wanted to go back. I have to coax Yuki to go out as his vestibular disease makes it different for him to walk now. He pulls to the left and circles around sometimes, but he's not collapsing as he was prior to receiving treatment and medicines. He's actually pooped twice now (I'm sure you wanted to know this detail), helped by eating the liver pieces, and his vomiting has stopped. No barking yet. Besides the obvious head tilt and pulling to one side when he walks, Yuki's lack of barking is another wellness indicator. I hope all he needs is to adjust to his condition and/or as he heals that his strength will grow and his voice will return.


Cindy said...

glad to hear he's doing better :)

Nicole said...

Thanks, Cin!