Thursday, December 14, 2006

My new art venture has launched!

These are the preliminary photographs of my boxed sets of greeting cards and prints. I have begun to sell these cards and prints. Both prints and cards are reproductions of my original watercolors from the 100 Teapot series. Both the print paper and the cards & envelopes are of fine ivory cardstock, very smooth, like hot pressed watercolor paper. The prints are 12 x 14 inches with an image size of 8 x 10, the paper has four deckled edges, and they come in limited editions of 150, signed and numbered by the artist (me!). The cards come 8 in a box with 8 envelopes (2 each of 4 paintings) and there are 3 completely different boxed card sets. They come in a clear plastic box with a gold cord.

Anyone reading this who may be interested in more information on how to obtain these beautiful cards and prints, please contact me at this email address:

I plan to have a dedicated website devoted to my art venture in the near future.

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