Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Full moon

Tonight is the lowest hanging full moon in 18 years.

Gray-dark monsoon type clouds fill our Tucson sky tonight. Tonight I walked with Yuki, Darci, and Darci's dog, Sadie, on the dusty Rillito path in back of Darci's house. The sunset sky was a blend of carmine orange, oleander pink and cardinal red with squall lines from distant clouds over the mountains. On the other side of the rillito a paint rode by with her rider in the saddle. Here at my desk I hear the whinnying of neighbor horses across the rillito. Maybe it'll rain tonight, maybe not. The temperature has cooled to 94ºF from 106ºF this afternoon. Yesterday it reached 109ºF! I saw a Somali refugee woman with her young son waiting at a bus stop yesterday. She was wearing a pale orange and deep orange sari-like dress and a cloth over her head. She is one of the approximately 400 Somali refugees that have been resettled here in Tucson. As I passed her in my air-conditioned hulk of an SUV, I wondered if she was accustomed to such heat in Somalia. Later, I went on-line to see which agencies have need of tutors or other help for the Somali people here.

I will walk outside now to see if the moon is visible with all our clouds.

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