Saturday, June 18, 2005

Turtle Log

This is my first blog creation. My friend Carol has a splog on her new laptop--a shy person's log, she calls it. She doesn't actually post her splog via the internet; instead, with her html skills, she has created a splog on her laptop that she shares with friends one at a time. Face-to-face, rather than interface.
I'll call this a slog--for slow log or snail log--because tlog (turtle log) doesn't easily roll off our English speaking tongues. You can call this a Turtle log, if you like.
I plan to post sketches and drawings here when I figure out how to do that.
It's a cool 88ºF in the Old Pueblo as I write this tonight (that's about 31ºC) and the stars are bright. Tonight I was at the Solstice festival held on the lawn of the Arizona State Museum on the campus of The University of Arizona. There were a lot of hands-on craft booths, several high-powered telescopes were available to look at the sun and the moon, the solar race car was out on the lawn, Native Seed SEARCH offered bean and corn samples, a biodiesel booth gave out info on using vegetable oil to run your car, there was refreshing (and free) watermelon sponsored by our four Trader Joe's stores, and other environmental, cultural, and historical booths exhibited and offered interactive crafts. I ate fry bread with red chili from the O'odham food vendors, then sat on the lawn next to a friend and we listened to Odaiko Sonora, the local taiko (drum) group. After Odaiko Sonora, a Yoeme group from the Pascua Village here in Tucson played rancherita dance music. The sun set into a mellow pink, orange, and purple sky, and the jaggedy silhouette of the Tucson Mountains faded into the darkening purple. But the mountains didn't really fade. Only the light did. Oh, there were Hopi chanters and dancing, too. What a wonderful night. I'm back in sandal land. Desert land. Land of the turtle.


FuzzyJefe said...

Hey Nicole, your description was so vivid and alive! It was like I was right there at the festival. It sounds like you're very glad to be back in the Desert. How did Yuki and Morris survive the trip? Nice going with the flickr scans of your paintings. I think that will serve you well. I'll start blogging again after tomorrow, when I turn in portfolio! I'll bookmark your site to keep in touch. Your friend,

Nicole said...

Hey Jeff!
Ha-ha, her name is Jesse, not Morris (but close). Y & J were in air-conditioned heaven as I had bought a new to me '94 Isuzu Rodeo from a MIIS student who kept it in primo condition. It's our first car w/ working A/C and it is very cool! All the way through the desert, along I-8 and through Gila Bend and Yuma, i told Jesse & Yuki that this A/C is for them. They were happy.
I am working on my portfolio, too.
: ) ~N

Kathy said...

I am continued to be inspired by your art Nicole. It's in the 70's here with little fog. Take care of yourself in the heat.