Thursday, June 23, 2005

Long streaks of lightning in the sky

It's raining and the desert smells so fresh. My temperature widget (OS X Tiger) reads a cool 91º F.
There's thunder, too.

This evening, I bicycled home from the University area under a sky of puffy white clouds and some darker monsoon-looking clouds. At home, I was greeted by the after-effects of a little storm in my bedroom. The tatami mat that Chi gave me was bunched up with a little chunk bitten out of it and pieces of tatami strewn about. This had to be the work of Jesse. Usually, this kind of scene means I will find a mourning dove half eaten or dead, or a lizard head severed from its body, or maybe a thick lizard tail and some dried drops of blood. But, I found nothing. It's still a mystery. I turned the tatami mat over.

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