Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Evening cool

It was 112ºF today (44.4ºC).

Yuki & Jesse sprawl out on the ceramic tile floor to stay cool. Yesterday, on not quite four hours of sleep, I bicycled the 5 miles to the university when it was 105ºF. Today, I stayed in all day until the time desert animals should be going out--at dusk.

It's amazing how cool it feels--even at 100ºF--after the sun goes down. It's now 98ºF, and delightful, at a quarter to eleven in the evening. Jesse is outside romping about, still alive; she hasn't gotten eaten by a coyote yet. Tonight, after making myself study at epic café for a few hours with an icy lemonade, I ate outside on 4th av. I ate two yummy tacos at Martín's (comida chingona) with cool cups of horchata, savoring both the after sunset darkness and the flavors.
I shared a mosaic tile table on the sidewalk with a young surfer-looking dude. Turns out he's from Southern California originally, did his doctorate at Berkeley, and is currently a UA optometrist conducting research on astigmatism amongst the young O'odham population. He told me the O'odham have one of the highest rates of astigmatism in the world, probably genetic.
In other news, I read that Lance was wearing the maillot jaune after day one of the alpine climbs.

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