Saturday, July 30, 2005


Tonight I went to Poetry & Potluck Night at Zen Desert Sangha (ZDS). All who come are invited to share poetry, read from a favorite book/author, sing, show & tell something, or play an instrument, etc. I decided to make and bring a puppet show. My idea for the puppet show comes from the story of the Emperor Who Wore No Clothes. I haven't written the script yet. I made one puppet who has two different looks depending on the hat s/he wears. In the first conical hat, the puppet looks like she is a cross between a Shinto priestess and a Heian period aristocrat.

When the little pill box hat is put on, the puppet becomes a man from Africa who, someone at ZDS said, "is from the United Nations". He also has an optional outer robe (below). Just goes to show you, we are people of many hats.

Other treats tonight: David played his bass, a huge cello-like instrument, but much larger than a cello. We all examined his beautiful bow made of horse hair, with inlaid mother-of-pearl and silver on the shiny orange toned wood. Diane and her husband displayed the earthtone quilt they have been sewing and Debbie read us her poetry. I also played my Native American cedar flute and Joe played some Kalimba (aka, 'thumb drum'). I've always liked show & tell. My favorite subjects in school were show & tell, lunch, art, P.E., and recess. Yay for recess!

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what wonderful puppets Nicole.Kathy