Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A cloudy day : )

Today was cloudy and cool(er) all day. Yay! The high temperature was only 82ºF. Looking across the Rillito from my bedroom and patio, I saw a thick white ribbon of clouds wrapped around the dark blue Catalinas. In the afternoon it rained quite hard; the Rillito is still flowing many hours later. After my usual morning routine of looking for teaching and other jobs, writing cover letters, and applying to jobs via the internet, I rode to the university area. Ahhh, the cool monsoon air smelled of creosote. I love hearing the sound of water trickling down the streets, under my bicycle tires, and the bigger splashing from car tires. Because of the coolness and absence of strong sunlight, I didn't need to drink any water on the entire ride there. Usually, I drink most of a water bottle each way.
The University area is teeming with people now that the fall semester has started, and all over Tucson there is much more traffic. Even the bicycle lanes are busier. I drank a tall glass of hot rooibos with rose tea at epic café while writing a letter to a friend. I saw Chi & Rodd ride by on their bicycles--or shall I say, Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster, now that they have offically married.
Back at home I ate a bowl of split pea soup made with carrots, onions, parsley, and spices. No surprises in the bathtub tonight. The night before last and the night before that, I found mourning dove feathers and blood stains in the bathtub. Darci found the little bird dead on Sadie's dog bed where Jesse had deposited it. Probably a gift for Sadie. The next night, I entered my room to Jesse crouched under my desk, batting around her prey, a dead, bloody, four-inch mouse. That's what she does, she's a cat.


Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

The template is called "Scribe" and can be found on blogger.com.
~thanks. ;)