Friday, April 06, 2007

enough already

There's just so much machine made boxed matzoh that a person can eat. Afterall, "humans cannot live on matzoh alone." My Passover season is officially over. I've eaten enough gefilte fish, matzoh kugel, matzoh with charoses and maror, and matzoh ball soup until next year. Time to eat the healthy whole grains again that support the smooth functioning of my body/temple. Amen.

This is the breakfast I made myself this morning: steamed greens with olive oil & fresh lemon juice; millet with black sesame seeds; kim (Korean seasoned nori); jasmine tea; tsukemono (daikon radish pickles; tofu with soy sauce and french breakfast radishes; and some miso soup. yUm!

A friend pointed out to me that the Jewish tradition of sweeping out hametz (any flour or bread products) prior to the Passover/Pesach celebration was most likely born out of the seasonal neccesity to clean before insects came into the home. It makes a lot of sense to do Spring Cleaning before the hot insect bringing weather arrives.

The real matzoh that the Jews ate when fleeing Egypt was a rough whole round unleavened bread made from barley or wheat, not the machine made squares of matzoh we buy in a box.

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