Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Matzoh with Yuki חג שמח

This morning I ate matzoh with charoses and maror from last night's seder. Along with the matzoh, I drank a few little teapotfuls of puerh tea and had some leftover fruit compote.
Charoses is an apple-nut-cinnamon-and-kosher red wine mixture; maror is the horseradish. We like our horseradish colored magenta from beets. Both the charoses and the maror are eaten between passover matzoh to represent the mortar and bricks with which the Jews built the Pharoahs' pyramids when they were slaves in Egypt. Charoses was always my favorite childhood Passover food that I helped my mom make. This year, my friend and I made the charoses to bring to my mom's seder, so I made an extra container to enjoy over the next few days. I led the seder.

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