Saturday, April 07, 2007

My 2nd Sketch Crawl

I did my 2nd sketch crawl today in Tucson--a half-day watercolor marathon in which I bicycled around to four different sites with my lightweight folding chair to watercolor sketch.

epic café on 4th Ave. was my first stop. I had an americano with half and half and a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese while painting this scene.

From epic, I continued down 4th Av to La Indita, a Mexican-Tarascan (P'urhépecha)restaurant.

Anjali is a day spa and yoga studio off of 4th Ave. I like the cobalt blue colored domes. Anjali was my 3rd stop.

St. Augustine's was my fourth and final stop. The early service on Sunday's at St. Augustine's is a mariachi service.
Here's my sketch crawl set

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