Thursday, October 18, 2007

my art show at Bentley's

On Monday evening, I put up my art show at Bentley's House of Coffee & Tea in Tucson, Arizona. It'll run from October 15th until November 15th and consists of 36 pieces of my original watercolors, cut paper collages, acrylics, and giclée prints from my first set of 100 teapots and some from the second set of 100 teapots.

All my teapot paintings, drawings, and prints are for sale, plus my boxed blank card sets with my teapot paintings (8 cards/8 envelopes for $15 plus $3 shipping within the USA). If you are reading this and cannot make it to my show but want one of my pieces, email me at kumotohi AT

If you are in Tucson, go have a look and eat some of Bentley's tasty offerings.

Also, my cyber friend, illustrator/artist, Cindy Woods has had this video talk of illustrator Maira Kalman on her blog. I am putting it on my blog, too, because I am a big fan of Maira Kalman's art and the talk took place in Monterey. Enjoy!


Cin said...

Hi Nicole,

congratulations on your show!

I'm glad you're spreading the word about Maira Kalman, did you ever see her column at The New York Times?

The Principles of Uncertainty

she's having a gallery show too, of works from this column, also it's been published, the book just came out

Nicole Raisin Stern said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your comment! I'll look for the book.