Friday, December 14, 2007

leaky pen & fancy pen

I am sick today with the flu, mostly staying wrapped up in my Nepalese woolen shawl, in my pajamas, under the covers with the heat turned up, and drinking lots of hot tea. I finally cleaned out my fancy fountain pen, the Waterman one, and it is writing smoothly now. The Waterman doesn't leak like my cheap Shaeffer fountain pen, but it's also not as fun. It's more serious and weighty in my hand.

I want to be well soon. I'm cooking a birthday lunch for a friend on Sunday afternoon.


Annie B said...

Nicole, I sure hope you feel better soon. A Nepalese shawl and hot tea sounds like good medicine. Take care.

Nicole Raisin Stern said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the well wishes. Being that i feel good most of the time, feeling awful feels really awful (does that make sense?) and like I will never feel better again. Yucky flu.