Friday, December 02, 2005

Drawing is funner; cooking is funnest

This simple digital camera is one reason I haven't been posting as many drawings or writing as much as I had previously. It's been fun to create photographic compositions, considering such things as angle, shadows, and light. However, I find drawing funner. Yes, funner.

This morning I ate the above huge, American-style breakfast, which I made at home. It was very filling in a different way than is my usual Japanese-style hot cereal with tofu, vegetables, and tea. After our morning meditation group, my friend Saeko came over. I made us a Japanese lunch of soba noodles with a side dish of sauteéd tofu, green pepper, green onion, shoyu, and fresh ginger and a dish of eda mame. The soba was in a miso broth with wakame seaweed and green onion. After lunch, we drank genmaicha (brown rice tea) outside in the warm afternoon sun. 美味しい!

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