Friday, December 23, 2005

One hundred teapots

I started a teapot project yesterday. For the New Year I am painting or drawing one hundred teapots. I got the idea from my friend, Kathy, who is painting one hundred trees. A friend of hers will paint one hundred waves. Since I drink loose tea out of a teapot everyday, this will be a fun project for me. My favorite teas (camellia sinensis) are genmaicha, hojicha, sencha, kukicha, matcha iri genmaicha, Chinese green and white teas (snow bud, mulan, yin zhen 'silver needle'), ti kuan yin, puerh, lapsang souchong, darjeeling, jasmine, and a variety of oolong teas. I like some herbal teas, too, like mint, chamomile, comfrey, and rooibos, as well as Japanese mugicha (roasted barley tea) and the beautiful yellow Korean corn tea, but my favorites are from the camellia sinensis plant: green and white teas, semi-fermented (oolongs), and aged puer.

Here are teapot paintings no. 1 and no. 2. Ninety-eight more to go!
Here's the growing set of 100.


Anonymous said...

I love your tea pots. I'm on tree number 5.

Nicole said...

thanks, Kathy! And, thank you for the suggestion to paint/draw 100 of something.