Wednesday, December 28, 2005

teapots no. 5 & 6 plus other stuff

Teapot no. 5. I drank 玄米茶 (genmaicha) in this teapot today.

Teapot no. 6.
I used a yellow #2 pencil and drew on the inside cover of a cookbook I was looking at. These are Yixing teapots out of which I was enjoying Pu-erh tea.

These are some of my dishes stacked up after eating; painted with (Windsor Newton) Payne's grey. I wonder who Payne was to get a paint color named after him or her.

I cat sat for my Siamese cat friends Zari & Jewel. They are brother and sister and this is their living room.

This is Zari posing for me.

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