Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ahhh, AC

This is the time of year that I welcome a little air conditioning. Happily, my house is a dual cooled house. That is, I can use either air conditioning or evaporative cooling (aka, the swamp cooler). Just now, in my overheated state, I switched the AC on, and I have to admit, I feel a little guilty--as if I am harming the atmosphere in order to indulge in a bit of coolness. Until now, I have only used the swamp cooler. The temperature has cooled to 91ºF, down from 105ºF today, but the air is humid (29% according to "")--just reporting, not rationalizing my use of the AC. Like my eating of beings now and then (some fish or chicken lately), I do not have to lookout for the "vegan police", or in this case, the "Tucson desert rat police". I like being able to choose comfort sometimes (selfishness?). And, I am relieved not to hear Yuki panting. Thank you, AC, and whoever invented AC. Your coolness is much appreciated.

* * * * *

And this is teapot no. 59, an acrylic painting I did rather quickly in between my writing. I gave myself 30 minutes, which actually works well with acrylic painting here in the desert, since the paint starts to dry the second the tube is opened. Plus, I think painting quickly produces a spontaneous quality that I'm interested in cultivating with the acrylics. I painted teapot no. 59 on the cover of a used drawing tablet.

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