Sunday, July 29, 2007

Calm between the storm

Yesterday it monsooned here in Tucson all day except for a two-hour period in the morning (while I was out walking with Yukester). My street was running like a little river. There were huge booms of thunder, long streaks of crackly lightning, power outages, trees uprooted, debris flying in the wind, and big branches torn from their trunks. Here are some photos from our walk through the nearby campus of the University of Arizona, starting with the morning trickster sky.


I saw these people sleeping on the porch of a house.

They were sleeping so soundly, protected from the rain of the previous night and early morning.

We took a different route than usual through campus, to the UA turtle pond.

We saw nibbling koi and some that didn't nibble, little and medium sized orange fish and a few small white ones. Here, koi nibble on the roots of the palm trees growing around the pond.

See the swimming turtle?

We walked along an olive tree street. I admired this old trunk while Yuki sniffed the grasses wet with morning rain.

Past the east entrance of Old Main and the curly old cactus, we headed down 'the mall" to the cactus garden.

By the student union, we saw neighbors Michael (human) and Bernard (dog). We stopped to talk (and bark) with them.

I stepped up and into the raised garden to take a closer look at the cactus blossoms (echinopsis oxygona, aka cereus oxygonus - easter lily cactus). Yuki waited quietly for me, standing guard.

I counted nine blooms on this cereus cluster--that's some serious cereus.

Back sides of the cereus cluster. All the blooms were pointed eastward.

They are closed up now, I'm sure. They only last one day.

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kathy whilden said...

Wow, those pictures are so impressive Nicole. I am glad that it is cooling down some.