Friday, April 14, 2006

Birthday Pot

I used these two photos as the model for my teapot no. 45. Interestingly, the watercolor looks more like my mom, I think, than it does me.

If your parents are no longer living or you live far from them or you were adopted, all you have to do is look at your own body: look at your face or the palm of your hand, and you will surely see your parent is with you all the time.

This is teapot no. 45 of 100 teapots, in celebration of my 45th birthday on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nicole. May you contintue to be healthy and happy, smart and funny, kind and gentle.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Kathy! / \

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

I hope you're doing very well these days.

Nicole said...

Hi, Danielle! Thank you!