Monday, April 10, 2006



There are a lot of things that one can be atuned to
It's a matter of tuning
being tuned into
what matters to you

What matters to you?
Pops out at you
Is fire for you
Is breath for you
From inside of you

What do you do?
And is it right—to tune into what matters to you?

What do you tune into
When you're turned on?
What turns you on?
How do you know?

Here's a clue:
Is the tune you atune to
What you like and what likes you?
Who do you tune out and tune into?
Does starlight swirl out from inside of you
When you've tuned into the one that you turn to

And, is it fun?

Nicole Raisin Stern
Paris, 1990


Yuki said...

I like your poems. It's kind and fun to read.

Nicole said...

:) Thanks, Yuki-chan!