Thursday, April 06, 2006

Keeper of Stars

In a different galaxy
many light years away

there lives an old man
from the Milky Way.

He's the Keeper of Stars,
in charge of their glow,

he turns on their lights
and gives us a show.

Each night before dark,
he wakes each one,

saying, "it's your turn, now,"
as he waves to the sun.

Placing them carefully,
he makes a creation

of beautiful stars
we call constellations.

~Nicole Raisin Stern, 1977


Anonymous said...

that's wonderful Nicole.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Kathy, my wonderful fan.

Anonymous said...

If you could modify you poem to indicate
Each star is for a person born on the Earth.
The light from that star containes the
genitic code for that persons creation.
We just do not have the technical capability to decipher the code at this
The photons of every persons code reaches the Earth every day (dead or alive). So every person can be recreated at any time by reference to
their indiviual code. This code travels
in a higher dimention no limited by the speed of light.
Also true for other life bearing planets.
Could you incorperate these ideas?