Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Point Lobos

My friend, Saeko, and I walked all around Point Lobos, on the bluffs above the water and through wooded marshy areas. We saw seals, deer, many kinds of birds, a monarch butterfly, and inchworms. Point Lobos is my new favorite hiking area--the trails are easy and the views spectacular. One of the most wonderful things there was the birdsong: the joyful sound of birds singing. My other favorite hiking area is here all the time: it's the ordinary street, the beach, the desert, or the mountains, wherever I am. The big sky is everywhere, air to breathe is everywhere, there are so many wonderful things to delight in, to see, to touch, and to listen to, and the earth is under my feet wherever I go.

* * * * * *

This is the unicorn we saw:

Some of the trees looked orange:

Here's why:

"The surfaces of the trees closest to the direct salt spray are often covered with a bright orange growth. This is Trentepohlia aurea v. polycarpa, a green alga which is rich in beta carotene, giving it a bright orange color. It...is nonparasitic and can be found growing on rocks and downed wood along the trail."

A wild iris seen along the trail:

Saeko saw many karasu. I saw karasu, too, but I thought of them first as crows, then karasu.

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