Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Yes Poem

The Yes Poem

If the whole world said Yes
Think what could be if Yes
was on the tongue of every woman, child, and man

Yes to all our wishes, dreams, desires
“Yes, I’ll do it,” “Yes, you’re as wonderful as I am” and
“Yes, isn’t it positively yes?”

Yes to naps, passion, roses in winter, butterflies, kites with rainbow tails
stories we create as we stroll through the woods
Yes to clear skies
to fogged-in coastal mornings
We sit by the fire while the calm sea is out there

Yes to wrinkles
Yes to helping ourselves
Yes to the bag lady
to laughter
to juggler, poet, clown
Yes to the mumbling man, to musician
gardener, painter, cook

Yes to clean air, to breath
to up and down
In and out
love and hate
and everything in between the spaces of duality



~Nicole Raisin Stern
Paris, 1990

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