Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lust & Love Have a Coversation in the Park

Lust: "You have to be careful, don't just give yourself to anyone--that's my job."

Love: "I flow through all receptacles with equal grace and speed."

Lust: "I'd like to try it out sometime—it seems so soft and kind."

Love: "My grandma always told me, 'darling, take your time.'"

Lust: "Mmm-hmmm, what a body! So luscious and round, she makes me want to fly!"

Love: "Have a piece of this stuff, Lust, it'll cool you down. But, remember--pass it out freely to everyone."

Nicole Raisin Stern
Boston, 1990

* * * *

[Sixteen years later, I don't see things in quite the same dualistic way....]

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