Sunday, October 26, 2008

magic star & butterfly

teapot no. 243 (no. 43 of the third set of 100 teapots)


Sitting in front of the open window with my palo verde and mesquite tree friends and some cholla and prickly pear cactus. I'm wrapped up in a wool shawl, sipping oolong tea out of my newest little teapot. Turtle beans are cooking in a big pot in the kitchen. Their overnight soaking water had turned purple-y this morning ... would make a fine textile dye, I thought, but fed the water to the rosemary bush instead.

Jesse just crossed the wide space between my house and the neighbor's. she looks around, crouches down, and scurries across to the safety of a porch. The squatty pipes on D's house look like a Buddha and her recently trimmed trellis vine looks like a sadhuni's trident. Tree branch and cactus pads cast angel shadows and reach toward the blue sky. Good to feel the blessings that abound and see the angels all around. Out into the day now ~ will walk with Yuki, feed the baby mesquite tree, plant wildflower seeds, bicycle over to the pottery studio for open lab, and pick up a mop on my way home... it's a beautiful day.