Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teapot no. 67 (467)

© Nicole Raisin Stern

teapot no. 67 (467) ~ tea with Elephant and friends from my 5th set of "100 Teapots"

Cut paper and glue with my hand-carved seal.

detail of teapot no. 67 (467):

and a photo with the tea host/model:


© Nicole Raisin Stern

Inspired by Ho'oponopono cleaning practice: Forgive me * I'm Sorry * I Love You * Thank you *

Colored pencil and fountain pen ink on paper.

Listen to a Ho'oponopono song ~ there are others on YouTube.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Activations of Awakening

From Jo Dunning's website:

January 19, 2011

In an unheard of and unprecedented New Year's gift to the world, Jo Dunning will be offering by webinar the very powerful, Activations of Awakening free of charge!
This is another of Jo's amazing ways to assist everyone worldwide to begin to live a more prosperous, loving and joyful life.

Be sure your name is on the list of those who will receive the Activations. Register now for this one time only opportunity.

This year, 2011, is our final time of preparation to change our life and our consciousness before the big events of 2012.


THE ACTIVATIONS OF AWAKENING © are a vital combination of three Activations all offered during one workshop. The workshop includes The Pineal Gland Activation©, Endocrine System Activation© and DNA Structuring ©. The combination of these three Activations provides the opportunity for the simultaneous transformation and Awakening of all aspects of your Being, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual.

Each Activation supports, enhances and balances the energies offered in the other two Activations. The combination of the three Activations offered during one workshop has created very rapid life changes, personal growth and expansion of consciousness for those who have participated.

This event is only available to listen live, online and is not available as a replay.

Many people enjoy receiving this Activation every time it is offered and find it dramatically accelerates the benefit and changes.

more information is available at jodunning.com

I love Tucson and Arizona. It is my home.

Starting inside my own heart, I send Love to my heart. Envisioning my neighbors and neighborhood, I send out Love in circles. Encompassing my city with Love energy, I radiate kindness, peace, and welcome. Tucson, Arizona is a kind place filled with loving hearts in a compassionate USA and Universe. I know that peace, hope, and Love always begin inside of me. I trust they will grow in ever expanding circles.


Continuing to send Love and prayers to beautiful Tucson, Arizona for the healing of all of us.