Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Lotus for You, Sea Turtle

Thank you, Shirley, for teaching me this song and for singing it with me. What a precious gift to have sung it with you.

Whenever I wake up
I feel happy,
aware of my eyes
I feel happy,
aware of my health
I feel happy,
because I have learned to look deeply.

whenever I walk 
I feel happy
whenever I sit
I feel happy,
whenever I rest 

I feel happy,
because I have learned to look deeply.

~words by Thich Nhat Hanh

from ~ A basket full of plums: Songs for the practice of mindfulness

 Shirley finishing up one of her sketches at Morgan's where we stopped to have tea and hot cocoa during our "Sketch Crawl" day in Monterey, December, 2005.
From my flickr journal, January, 2006: "My friend, Shirley, and I went to Pho King in Seaside last night for dinner. While we were waiting for our pho to arrive, I took out my ball point pen and began doing a contour drawing on the white paper placemat. I see white paper, I draw. At home, I colored it in with my colored pencils. The arc marks on her face are from my pho bowl."

 Shirley on the steps of the Osio Theatre on Alvarado St. in Monterey showing off our 2nd sketches of the day of a "Sketch Crawl", December 2005.
 Shirley, the ever-curious nature lover, botanist, with a fallen giant saguaro at Saguaro National Monument in Tucson on her trip to visit us (me, dog Yuki and cat Jesse) in Tucson, December, 2002.
L-R: Anna, Nicole, and Shirley in front of the President's Office at Monterey Institute of International Studies. Spring, 2005


Shirley and I met at a six-day Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation retreat in August of 2002. We were roommates at the retreat, and dharma sisters.

Shirley Tudor
September 1, 1962 ~ December 10, 2011


annaneve said...

Oh Nicole! I am so sorry to hear about Shirley! What happened? I ran into her at the Seabright Library when I was still living in Santa Cruz. She would go there to read Oprah Magazine! We talked about getting together but never did. It's nice to see that picture of us in front of the MIIS library. Sending you lots of love.

Nicole Raisin Stern said...

I've emailed you, Anna. Thank you.